100 Word Challenge Week #13

Me and my friends were climbing a cliff. We were half way up when they began to complain they were tired. We all decided to take a break. We stopped for five minutes when I said "lets go". I started to climb but they were exhausted and wanted to stop. I knew they wouldn't keep going. I called a helicopter to pick them up and I finished the climb by myself. It was hard but as soon as I got to the top I called them and said "I did it" and they said "we are going again next week"! Oh no.

Week #3 100 Word Challenge

I woke up one morning, I was getting out of bed when I slipped and broke my ankle. Dad called the ambulance. The men put me onto the bed and started driving away. I felt safe in the vehicle but it seemed to be going backwards, like it was falling. I looked out my window and we were sliding down a big cliff. They tried to stop then we ran out of gas and started rolling backwards down the hill and crashed into a house. I broke my arm. If I could go back in time I would just stay in bed.